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How to Invest in a Natural Gas and Crude Oil Joint Venture


Oil and Gas is an outstanding investment with high return potential and outstanding tax benefits. Here are the basic steps you will go through when you choose to invest with BoCor.

First, by reviewing our website, it is obvious that you have some inclination to participate in an oil and gas investment. Therefore, after you have had a chance to peruse our website and review some high level information about our organization, you will need to contact us. Please follow the proper procedures on our Contact Us Page and provide us with all the requested information. Please review the Accredited Investor Statement to see if you qualify for this type of investment. Once it is determined that you do qualify, you may proceed to the Prospective Joint Venture Questionnaire so we can gather your personal information and your financial investment intentions. This information will help us tailor our offerings and discussions to meet your needs. This is the only purpose for the Prospective Joint Venture Questionnaire. We do not share your information with anyone outside our organization and we do not employ any outside sales or marketing firms. We will only contact you per your request and if you meet strict criterion as they relate to an accredited investor.

Secondly, after you have completed the Prospective Joint Venture Questionnaire and confirmed your qualification as an Accredited Investor we will contact you and answer any questions you may have. We will let you know when the next drilling program is available for investment. If the terms and timelines of our drilling program meet with your objectives, we will send you our prospectus and corresponding participation materials.

Thirdly, once you have reviewed our prospectus, please feel free to call and discuss any further questions and/or concerns. At this point you will hopefully have enough information to make a decision. If you do decide that our offering meets with your desired objectives and want to take a position in our annual drilling program, you will fill out all required participation documents and follow the accompanying “Check List” accordingly.

Finally, as we progress through the year, you will receive monthly updates via a company generated newsletter. We are careful to present you with industry specific updates as they relate to the general conditions of the oil and gas industry. Additionally, we provide specific information as to the progress of our annual drilling program. These updates will be in MS Excel format and will be summarized in the form of a work plan.

Keep in mind that we are not a broker-dealer nor do we employ them. During the entire process you will deal directly with BoCor, the company that puts the leaseholds together, gets the wells drilled and completed, and operates the production assets.

So if you are ready to take the first step, please proceed to our contact page and fill out our Prospective Joint Venture Questionnaire and let us show you how oil and gas investments can benefit you.

Please review our 2008 Drilling Program Prospectus – Timeline, Offerings, and more Details.